About us

Manohar Enterprisees took its inception under lead of Mr. Manohar. It was Mr. Manohar's

vision to cater the needs of all the garment accessories under one roof which has lead to

inception of this industry.

With a wide market experience and marketing knowledge, he was invited by the promoters

of Garment Accessories Manufacturing Company to head the marketing as a Marketing

Director. He was associated with the company for 16 years, during which period, he

gained valuable experience and as well generated an astounding market rapport in field of

garment accessories. In 2005 with the marketing experience as USP, Mr. Manohar

ventured into setting up his own business of garment accessories, Engineering

fabrications and Installations.

Garment accessories, a business of large investment and could not be covered under one

umbrella, thereby initially jointly ventured into label manufacturing with a broad base tie up

and exclusive marketing rights all over the world for nominations acquired by ourselves

with label manufacturer located in Mumbai. The Label industry is established with state of

art manufacturing facilities with sophisticated technology and new generation machines

capable of catering all the needs. With support of our manufacturing entity, we have been

able to garner a few international nominations. Quality control and product in accordance

with the standards is the integral feature, from the incubation till date, quality is our motto

to our customer satisfaction and timely delivery.

We were catering the needs of zippers through imports and local market, but the scope

and delivery schedules have pre empted us to venture into manufacturing the zippers as

our own setup.

At ME we being different, as our main focus were on our customer satisfaction. As one of

the growing zipper manufacturers, we understood our stride and goal to meet our

customer's requirement. We understood the quality requirements of the global brands,

while being perceptive to the delivery schedules and competitive pricing required by our

customers that manufacture garments. The apparel business is one of the most

competitive and global industries in the world, and we offered both our large and small

customers a competitive edge.

At ME, we take it as our pride to offer our customers a competitive edge by consistently

providing quality zippers at a competitive price. Quality is our primary focus, while offering

flexibility and custom products at a mass-production price.

To ensure the quality and consistency of our products, we have initiated vertical

integration. With our in-house state-of-the-art laboratory and as well as random tests being

conducted through reputed and accredited Testing Laboratories, we ensure our products

meet the global brand standards.

In addition to our quality oriented manufacturing, ME has implemented rigorous process

control system, carried out by competent quality control personnel, who instigate from raw

material acquisition, to procedural review and testing of semi-finished and finished

product, to random sample checking of our packed material scheduled for shipping.

At ME, we strongly believe that commercial success needs to be balanced with social and

environment compliance. We ensure to protect the interest of our customers and

employees via environmental protections, safety prospects at workplace, waste reduction

scheme and the minimizing any unnecessary consumption of natural resources.