Welcome to manohar enterprisees

In recent past, Garment Industry has seen drastic changes with a demand for better quality, quicker deliveries and competitive prices. In order to meet this, ME has ventured into zipper manufacturing.

ME leadership realizes the apparel world needs a quality alternative supplier of zip fasteners and other garment accessories, and is continuing to redefine and lead the industry. ME is a modern state-of-the-art manufacturer, using and creating some of the most high-tech manufacturing methods in the industry.

ME is continuing to expand its presence with sales and support offices, where apparel is made. ME is continuing to expand globally to meet it customer's demands.

At ME our entire focus has been on to the customer and we understand the quality requirements of the global brand, with faster deliveries and pricing required by our apparel customers. We cater both large and small customer on the same bandwidth, and look forward to reach to many more such customers.